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How to File a Car Accident Claim With Geico in Texas

Geico is one of the most profitable insurance companies in the country. It currently has more than 15 million policyholders. If you get into a car accident in Texas, the odds are good that you will have to file a claim with Geico Insurance. Unfortunately, Geico did not become a multibillion-dollar company for being generous with claim payouts. Like most insurance companies, Geico makes it difficult for crash victims to recover financially.

Do Your Part

Geico will look for reasons to deny your claim every step of the way. Protect your right to fair compensation by doing your part to ensure a valid claim to damages. First, call the police from the scene. Obtaining an official police report can show Geico the legitimacy of your claim. It can also record important facts, such as the names of eyewitnesses. Next, go to the doctor. Waiting to receive medical care is a common mistake Geico uses to deny claims or reduce payments in Texas. Finally, do not admit fault. Never say you caused or contributed to the accident, even in part. Admitting fault could make Geico deny your claim.

File Your Claim

Most insurance companies, including Geico, require claimants to notify them of an auto accident as soon as possible. This generally means a timeframe of 24 to 72 hours past the accident. You can call Geico to make a preliminary report of the accident right away – from the scene of the crash, if desired. You can also wait until after you have been to a hospital and know a little more about your case. Do not wait longer than a day or two to file, however, as this could give Geico a reason to deny your claim.

Geico takes new car accident claims in a few different ways. First, you could call the company at 800-841-3000. It may be faster and easier, however, to use Geico’s mobile app or website to file a crash claim. A claims representative from Geico will contact you soon after you submit your claim virtually. Prepare what you will say to the insurance claims adjuster ahead of time. If you do not feel comfortable negotiating your claim on your own, hire a lawyer to represent you instead.

Protect Your Rights

The most important thing to remember when filing a car accident claim with Geico is to protect your rights. No matter how friendly the insurance adjuster assigned to your case is, remember his or her main goal: to minimize your recovery. Look out for yourself and your own best interests by hiring an attorney. A car accident lawyer in Texas will know how Geico operates and how to demand fair compensation for your damages from a claims adjuster. In the meantime, use a few tips to protect yourself from an adjuster’s negotiation tactics.

  • Be careful what you say to the adjuster.
  • Do not give more information than the adjuster requests.
  • Do not speculate about fault or causation.
  • Never give Geico a recorded statement.
  • Do not sign any medical release forms.
  • Wait to accept the first offer.
  • Employ proven tactics with help from a lawyer.

The first offer from a Geico representative after a car accident in Texas will most likely lowball the true value of your injuries and losses. It may not reimburse the total costs of your medical bills. Geico uses a tactic called usual and customary charges to downsize a claimant’s medical recovery. Instead of adding up your actual medical bills, Geico will replace your health care costs with an amount it deems usual and customary. It is critical to take your first settlement offer from Geico to an attorney. A car accident attorney can help you negotiate it to a full and fair amount. A Houston personal injury lawyer can help you with all aspects of filing a car accident claim with Geico.