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Hit By a U-Haul in Texas

Not all car accidents in Texas involve two drivers who own the vehicles they are driving. Some involve rented vehicles, such as U-Hauls. Moving trucks can be difficult for the average person to operate. With no commercial vehicle training required to operate a U-Haul, the odds of a negligent or incompetent driver are high. If someone driving a U-Haul negligently crashes into you in Texas, assigning liability for your damages can be tricky. You may need a lawyer to investigate the liability of the vehicle operator, truck manufacturer, U-Haul or other parties on your behalf.

Who Is Liable for a U-Haul Accident?

In Texas, legal responsibility (liability) for an auto accident will rest with the person or party most at fault for causing the collision. This party can be difficult to name in an accident with complicated factors, such as a crash involving a rented vehicle. Rather than only having the other driver to blame for the crash, you may also have to consider the liability of the owner of the vehicle, such as a delivery truck company.

If the operator of the U-Haul was negligent in safely controlling the truck, causing your motor vehicle accident, the driver could bear liability for your damages. Since the driver was in a rented vehicle, you may be able to seek damage recovery from his or her rental insurance, if the driver purchased this optional type of coverage from U-Haul. In this case, U-Haul’s insurance carrier will cover your damages, including vehicle repairs and medical bills. If the driver opted out of rental insurance coverage, his or her personal auto insurance plan should cover your losses instead.

In a case involving third-party liability, such as the liability of a truck manufacturer for a defective part, the third party may have to pay for your damages. If you caused the accident or the at-fault party does not have any available insurance, you may have to seek damages from your own insurance provider instead. An investigation from a truck accident attorney could help you identify all liable parties for your U-Haul accident. A lawyer could also help you with the steps toward filing a U-Haul accident insurance claim.

What to Do After a Rented Vehicle Hits You in Texas

Protect your rights immediately after a collision with a U-Haul. Check yourself for personal injuries, then ask if anyone in the U-Haul has injuries. Offer your assistance, if necessary. Remove disabled vehicles from the road to prevent further collisions. Then, take additional steps to lay the groundwork for an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit in Texas.

  1. Call the police for a serious accident. A U-Haul collision in Texas that causes injuries, deaths or more than $1,000 in property damages requires you to call the police from the scene of the wreck. Ask for an ambulance if anyone is injured.
  2. Stay at the scene and exchange information. Do not leave the scene of a crash until the police permit you to do so. Stay at the scene of a minor U-Haul collision until you have exchanged information with the other driver.
  3. Collect evidence. You can start building a case against the driver of the U-Haul or another party from the scene of the accident. Take photographs, get the names of witnesses, obtain your police report number and write down the U-Haul’s plate numbers.
  4. Go to the doctor. To try to diminish your payout, the defendant’s insurance company will check to see if you delayed seeking medical care. Go to a doctor immediately for the strongest possible injury claim.
  5. Call the at-fault party’s insurance company. When you are ready, contact the insurance company of the at-fault party to file an initial claim. Before you begin settlement negotiations, however, discuss your case with a personal injury lawyer.

After receiving medical care for your U-Haul accident, contact an auto accident attorney for assistance with the claims process. Collisions involving rented vehicles such as U-Hauls or other moving trucks can be difficult to work through as a plaintiff. A lawyer can help you navigate an injury claim for the best possible results, all while protecting your rights.