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What Is Malorie’s Law?

In 2014, the Texas State Legislation implemented Malorie’s Law on behalf of motorcyclists and motorcycle passengers. Many motorcyclists remain concerned about the implications of this legislation and how it will impact their ability to ride their vehicles. Implemented as a response to the 2010 death of Malorie Bullock, this law impacts how motorcyclists transport passengers […]

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How to Prevent OSHA’s Fatal Four Construction Accidents

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), certain construction accidents cause death at a higher rate than other injuries. The Fatal Four accidents, as the agency dubbed them, include falls, struck-by object accidents, electrocutions, and caught-in/between injuries. According to OSHA, these accidents caused over 64% of construction-related deaths in 2015. However, certain safety […]

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How Do Roofing Accidents Happen?

Roofing accidents are common among Texas workers, and the effects of these accidents are too dangerous to ignore. The injuries sustained in roofing accidents are life-altering and often fatal – from paralysis to broken bones, roofers are subject to severe risks. These accidents can take place on both commercial and residential properties and occur throughout […]

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What Is the Longshore Act (LHWCA) in Texas?

When you suffer injuries on the job, you may receive benefits through workers’ compensation from your employer. Usually, this compensation covers medical costs, lost wages, and certain additional expenses related to your injury and illness. Certain industries have special forms of workers’ compensation, and the maritime industry is no exception. Offshore maritime workers receive coverage […]

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What Are the Most Dangerous Professions in Texas?

Many jobs are inherently dangerous due to their proximity to heavy equipment, high risk situations, and other environmental hazards. In Texas, certain jobs are more dangerous than others due to their reputation of high workplace deaths and injuries. These positions usually have strict safety procedures and guidelines necessary to keep workers safe. Oil, Gas, and […]

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