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What Is Second Impact Syndrome?

Bed rest is an important part of the recovery process after sustaining a brain injury. Staying home, resting and getting proper nutrition are often the only treatments a doctor can recommend for a brain injury such a concussion. It is up to you to follow the doctor’s orders and rest while your brain tries to […]

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What Is Texas’ Good Samaritan Law?

The State of Texas wants to encourage strangers to help others in emergencies. It recognizes that fear of liability for unintentionally making things worse can stop some people from offering assistance. Like many states, Texas passed a Good Samaritan Law to ease these concerns and promote prompt action after accidents. Understanding Texas’ Good Samaritan Law […]

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Do I Need a License for a Moped in Texas?

A moped is an alternative to a traditional motor vehicle or motorcycle. Mopeds are especially popular in metropolitan areas and college towns in Texas. Mopeds have similar designs to motorcycles, except that they usually have three wheels instead of two and cannot travel as fast. Many of the same laws apply to mopeds as motorcycles […]

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What Is Texas’s Bicycle Helmet Law?

Bicyclists in Texas face unique risks that motorists do not. They are vulnerable road users in the same class as pedestrians. Vulnerable road users are those most at risk in traffic accidents due to a lack of external protective devices, such as a metal shell or a seat belt. Wearing a helmet can be one […]

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Texas Motorcycle Passenger Laws

You can carry a child passenger of any age, size and weight in a regular motor vehicle with the proper child safety restraint system. Texas has strict laws in place, however, for carrying child passengers on motorcycles. Child passengers can be at extreme risk of injury on motorcycles. For this reason, some states restrict who […]

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