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How Hazardous Material Truck Accidents Are Different From Other Truck Wrecks

Many commercial trucks transport hazardous materials, otherwise known as hazmat. These materials include gasoline, oil, liquid nitrogen, compressed air and flammable substances. Unfortunately, transporting hazardous cargo comes with an increased risk of catastrophic injuries and deaths in truck accidents. Serious injuries and unique federal regulations make hazmat truck accidents different from other commercial truck accidents […]

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What Is a Truck Accident Quick Response Team?

A commercial truck accident can be physically, mentally and economically devastating for a victim. Unfortunately, the trucking company’s main priority will be to avoid a large payout. This mission will make the truck company use many strategies to protect its bottom line. One of these is to send out a truck accident quick response team […]

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Can Video Camera Footage Prove Negligence in an Accident Claim?

Accidents happen quickly and without warning. Although some accidents have eyewitnesses, many do not. You may not know exactly what happened in a car accident or another type of incident as an injured party. If someone captured video footage of the accident, however, you can determine the party that was negligent and is financially responsible […]

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How to Get a Texas Accident Report

If you wish to recover financial compensation for a car accident in Texas, the accident report is a vital piece of evidence. The accident report can provide key information about your collision that an insurance company can use to process your claim. You are entitled to a copy of the accident report – called the […]

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Bodily Injury vs. Personal Injury

Although they are often used interchangeably, bodily injury and personal injury have two different definitions in the eyes of the law. If you are the injured party (plaintiff) in a personal injury claim in Texas, you should understand the differences and nuances between these two terms. A personal injury lawyer in Houston can help you […]

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