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Can I Sue Over a Prescription Error?

For many Americans, prescription medications are essential for their health and wellbeing. However, medications are not foolproof. Many have side effects, can interact negatively with other drugs, and may not work properly if taken in the wrong dosage. These complications are the reason that there are such strict regulations on prescription medications. However, even careful […]

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What Are the Most Common Types of Construction Site Accidents?

Construction jobs carry many risks. Workers are regularly in conditions that can lead to serious injury and even fatalities. With more than 300,000 nonfatal injuries and illnesses and roughly 5,000 deaths for construction workers on the job annually, there are several ways in which construction accidents can occur. Falls Many construction accidents are the result […]

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How Do You Determine Liability for Food Poisoning?

Food poisoning can be an uncomfortable situation at best, no matter who you are. The feelings of nausea, exhaustion, and other symptoms can easily put you out of commission for several days. Depending on the bacteria that caused your food poisoning, you may even be at risk for further health complications. With so many potential […]

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What Are the Texas Right-of-Way Laws?

Following traffic laws is essential to safe roadways for motorists and pedestrians alike. While many laws are well known, such as when to drive at traffic lights and stop signs, unmarked roads and intersections can cause some confusion – as well as potential accidents. As such, understanding Texas right-of-way laws is critical when driving. Right-of-Way […]

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Why Is the “American Rule” Important?

When working with a personal injury attorney, you may be wondering, “what happens to my legal fees if I lose my case?” Fortunately, most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, which means that you don’t pay for any legal expenses if you don’t receive any compensation from your claim. If you do […]

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