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How to Determine the Settlement of a Burn Injury Claim

Burns are some of the most painful injuries that can be suffered in an accident such as a car crash or workplace disaster. If you or a loved one sustained a burn injury due to someone else’s carelessness in Texas, you may be eligible for significant compensation. The value of your claim is something that […]

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Factors That Determine How Much to Expect From a Car Accident Settlement

A car accident can leave you with expensive medical costs and vehicle repairs. It is normal to be curious about how much your car accident settlement is worth, so that you and your family can start planning the future. This question is difficult to answer, however, as each case is unique. The best way to […]

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What to Do After an Accident With a Car That Is Parked Illegally

A car crash of any kind in Texas can lead to a complicated insurance process. If you hit a car that was parked illegally, however, determining fault and financial responsibility can be even more difficult. You may not think you are to blame since the vehicle legally should not have been parked where it was, […]

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Documents Needed After a Texas Car Crash

It is important to gather certain information and documents after getting into a car accident in Texas. You will need evidence to support your case when filing an injury claim with an insurance company or the courts. Do your best to obtain these documents in the aftermath of a car crash or hire a car […]

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Discovery in Texas: Investigate and Prepare for Trial

The vast majority of personal injury cases in Texas are resolved through settlements and do not go to trial. In rare cases, however, an insurance company does not accept a claim or offer an adequate settlement amount, forcing the injured party to go to court. One of the first steps in preparation for a personal […]

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