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What Are OSHA’s Top Safety Violations?

Every year, thousands of workers go to emergency rooms for occupational injuries and illnesses. Some of these workers will never recover. Although any workplace can be the setting of a worker accident, injuries and deaths are more common in hazardous work environments. One thing that can make a workplace more dangerous is OSHA safety standard […]

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Texas Truck Accident FAQ

Getting into a truck accident can lead to many questions about your rights and legal options. You may wonder, for example, who is responsible for paying for your medical bills and property repairs. The best way to get answers and advice you can trust about a truck accident injury claim is by consulting with a […]

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Texas School Bus Laws

School buses carry precious cargo. Yet, all too often, drivers engage in dangerous and reckless practices around school buses that increase the risk of bus accidents. One of the most common mistakes is passing a stopped school bus. This puts children who are boarding or leaving the bus at risk of being struck by a […]

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The Three Types of Product Liability Suits

As a consumer, you may assume that the products you purchase are reasonably safe and will not cause you harm. Unfortunately, many manufacturing companies, distributors and retailers cut corners, violate federal safety laws and skip steps to save time or money, leading to dangerous products. If a company knowingly or carelessly fails to prevent a […]

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Grocery Store Falls

The average person spends a great deal of time over his or her lifetime in grocery stores. Unfortunately, grocery stores are not always safe for shoppers. For example, spilled food and drinks can lead to slippery surfaces that store employees may not clean up right away. Slip and fall accidents are relatively common in grocery […]

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