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Why Are Overweight Trucks So Dangerous?

Trucking is an essential part of the United States economy, and tractor-trailers carry billions of tons of cargo across the U.S. every year. Unfortunately, the demand for tight delivery schedules, increased consumer purchasing, online ordering, and many other factors pressure trucking companies into overloading some of their trucks to meet demand. This has the unfortunate […]

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Common Brain Injury Myths

A brain injury can be devastating for a victim and his or her loved one, resulting in significant economic losses as well as physical and psychological harm that may involve permanent damage. Despite the severity of these injuries, there are many misconceptions surrounding brain injuries and it’s important for everyone to separate myth from fact […]

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Should Doctors Use the Pain Scale for Injuries?

Doctors use a differential diagnostic process to assess patients’ problems; a doctor records a patient’s symptoms and vital signs to form a list of possible diagnoses and then uses a process of elimination to arrive at the most likely diagnosis for the patient. One of the factors many doctors rely upon to accurately diagnose patients […]

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When to Sue for Loss or Damages From a Wildfire

Wildfires have burned hundreds of thousands of acres of land in California and the Western United States over recent years. These fires have caused billions of dollars in property damage and displaced thousands of people. Only some insurance companies offer wildfire coverage, but policies that do cover these damages are typically expensive, especially in areas […]

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Top Legal Issues Following a Flood and What You Can Do in the First 24 Hours

Floods can be devastating to homes and businesses. Even a few inches of water can lead to thousands of dollars in structural repairs, toxic mold growth, lost inventory, and destroyed personal belongings. Anyone who has experienced flood damage knows that acting quickly is crucial after a flood; your first 24 hours after sustaining flood damage […]

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