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What Not to Say to an Insurance Claims Adjuster After an Accident

An insurance claims adjuster is someone the insurance company hires to assess your claim. The claims adjuster will review the claim submitted, call you for more information after the accident and analyze submitted evidence. The adjuster will then give his or her opinion on whether the insurance company should accept or deny your claim. It […]

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Punitive Damages in Texas

Damages in a civil claim refer to monetary awards available to injured victims or plaintiffs. in Texas, the civil justice system offers damages to plaintiffs to make them whole again after accidents related to negligence. The party that has to pay damages will be the person or entity most responsible for causing the plaintiff’s injuries […]

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Texas Pool Fence Laws

Drowning is one of the top causes of accidental deaths in the US. Ten people – including two children 14 or younger – die from unintentional drowning every day (source: the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Fatal drowning accidents often occur in privately owned swimming pools. Many states, including Texas, aim to prevent swimming […]

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Daycare Negligence in Texas

Trusting a daycare center in Texas with your child should not come with the risk of a serious injury due to negligence. Unfortunately, many daycare centers fail to properly care for the children they are responsible for. Daycare negligence can lead to serious and sometimes permanent child injuries. As a parent, you may be able […]

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Pedestrian Laws in Texas

Pedestrian-vehicle collisions are prevalent disasters in Texas – especially in metropolitan areas such as Houston and Dallas. In 2019 alone, the Department of Transportation reported 660 pedestrian deaths in Texas. This was a 5.43% increase from 2018. One of the most effective ways to prevent pedestrian accidents is for drivers to understand and obey Texas’ […]

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