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What Is an Affidavit of Merit?

An affidavit of merit is a legal document used to confirm the merits of a civil claim. It bears the signature of an expert on the subject, such as a physician during a medical malpractice claim. Affidavits of merit are most common in cases involving the alleged negligence of a professional, such as a doctor, […]

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What Is a Malicious Prosecution Claim?

Accidentally incorrectly identifying a perpetrator could happen to anyone. If law enforcement, prosecutors, or the victim of a civil tort or crime misidentifies a defendant in good faith, the innocent party (the original defendant) might not have any legal recourse once the identity of the true defendant becomes known. If, however, the prosecution of the […]

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Witness a Car Accident? Dos and Don’ts

Witnessing a car accident can be frightening and traumatic. You might not know how to react. It can also give you the rare opportunity to help someone in dire need. Saying and doing the right things as a witness to a crash in Texas could make an important – and potentially life-saving – difference to […]

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Do EMTs Have a Duty to Act?

It can be reasonable to expect a licensed emergency medical technician (EMT) to spring into action as a witness to a serious accident, injury, or emergency. After all, that is an EMT’s job. When off the clock, however, it might not be clear whether an EMT still has the duty to assist accident victims. In […]

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How Are Lost Wages Calculated in a Personal Injury Claim?

A lost wage award is a common type of compensable damage during a personal injury claim in Texas. It refers to the plaintiff’s missed pay due to an injury, as well as his or her foreseeable loss of future income because of a serious injury or disability. Knowing how the courts in Texas calculate lost […]

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