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Motorized Tricycle Accidents

A motorized tricycle, or three-wheeled motorcycle, is a unique type of vehicle. If someone operates a motorized tricycle in Texas, he or she must obey specific traffic laws to avoid tickets and fines. Breaking the state’s motorized cycle laws is a traffic infraction. If someone breaks a law and causes an accident, it could be […]

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How Do Trash Truck Accidents Happen?

Trash trucks play important roles in the community; they keep cities sanitary for residents. Yet the size, shape and nature of garbage trucks can lead to serious vehicle accidents. A trash truck crash in Houston could cause severe or fatal personal injuries to victims – especially bicyclists and pedestrians. Dump truck accidents can happen for […]

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Understanding the Texas Stowers Demand Doctrine

If you suffer an injury in any kind of accident, you may have to navigate a complex insurance claim. The person that caused your injuries may not have the assets to cover your damages, but his or her insurance company will. As a claimant, it is unfortunately common to encounter issues that delay your claim, […]

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What Is the Statute of Limitations on Injury Settlements in Texas?

All states impose deadlines, or statutes of limitations, on civil and criminal claims. These deadlines serve to expedite the legal system and make the process fair for both parties. If a claimant misses the statute of limitations before filing an injury claim in Texas, he or she will most likely lose any right to compensation. […]

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Safety Tips for Teenage Drivers

Every driver was once a teenager getting behind the wheel for the first time. Most teen drivers are still learning how to safely and prudently control motor vehicles…often through trial and error. Even the best teen drivers, however, do not have the real-world experience to equip them for all possible roadway scenarios. Teenagers can make […]

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