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Potential Long-Term Effects of Car Accidents on Children

Car accidents are traumatizing no matter what age you are as a passenger. Children, however, are more prone to long-term physical and psychological effects after a car accident than adults. After an auto accident, a child may exhibit signs of post-traumatic stress disorder, such as flashbacks, nightmares or regression. The severe injuries a child sustains […]

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Misdiagnosis and Failure to Diagnose

It is a doctor’s job to make reasonable and accurate medical diagnoses based on the standards of patient care in the industry. Although the medical industry does not require physicians to be right 100% of the time, it does require them to uphold certain standards during patient diagnoses. If a physician falls short of the […]

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Airbags Can Cause Injuries in Crashes

Although airbags have saved thousands of lives, they have also been behind serious – and even fatal – injuries. Improper deployment and airbag defects have caused life-changing vehicle occupant injuries ranging from broken bones to concussions. If you suffer an injury from an airbag in an auto accident, you may have grounds for a case […]

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Medical Treatment for a Concussion

A concussion is a type of brain injury that can cause temporary to long-term symptoms. Severe concussions can cause issues such as cognitive challenges and behavioral changes, while minor concussions can cause headaches, nausea and memory loss. It is critical to go to an emergency room after any bump or blow to the head to […]

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Should You Go to the ER After a Car Accident?

Car accidents are a leading cause of serious personal injuries in the U.S. A vehicle collision can cause injuries ranging from bone fractures to traumatic brain damage. Failing to go to the emergency room (ER) immediately after a car accident could hurt you in multiple ways. It could make it more difficult to obtain insurance […]

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