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Houston Texting Accident Attorney

Everyone knows that drunk driving kills, and getting caught drinking and driving will land you with a criminal record in Texas. But how many people are aware that texting while driving is six times more dangerous than driving while intoxicated? (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). If you or someone you know has been involved in such an incident, you need a Houston texting accident attorney to help recoup the losses you deserve.

The Facts about Texting and Driving

Like drunk driving, texting while driving kills and maims. The likelihood of a crash increases by 23 times if the driver is texting. Sending or receiving a text takes a driver’s eyes from the road for 4.6 seconds on the average, which if you’re driving at 55 mph is the equivalent of driving blind for a stretch equal to the length of a football field. (Virginia Tech Transportation Institute)

A quarter of teens say they respond to a text message at least once and sometimes more every time they drive. A fifth of teenage drivers and 10 percent of adults admit to having multi-message back and forth text conversations while they are driving. (University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute).

Thirty-nine states plus DC prohibit texting behind the wheel. Unfortunately, Texas is not one of them.

Demanding Accountability

Nevertheless, if you were injured in a motor vehicle accident and can prove that it was caused by a driver who was texting, you have the right to make a claim to recover compensation for your damages. That may be little consolation if you’re living with a spinal cord injury or brain damage, or if someone you love is gone from this earth forever; but at least it is a way to hold the person accountable for the harm this kind of reckless behavior has done to an innocent victim. And it can help with your medical and living expenses if you are not able to work.

Your Right to Making a Claim for Compensation

If you or a member of your family has been injured or killed by someone distracted by texting, you should seek out the help of an experienced Houston personal injury attorney. Proving texting is not always easy, but a seasoned attorney who handles these cases regularly knows how to gather the evidence needed to build your case.

Do not risk compromising your case by talking to or signing anything for a representative of the other driver’s insurance company. Refer the insurance adjuster to your lawyer and disengage from the discussion.

How to Find the Right Lawyer in Houston

In the Houston, Texas, area, you can get the experienced and skilled help you need from a lawyer with years of experience by contacting our Houston injury attorneys. Partners Steve Gordon, Todd Elias, and Jeff Seely have a total of sixty years of personal injury experience and an impressive record of obtaining millions of dollars for clients over long and successful careers.

How We Can Help

At Gordon, Elias, & Seely, LLP you will receive personalized legal services designed to meet your individual needs. You will work directly with your attorney, and will be kept abreast of every significant development in your case. Our attorneys handle the most complex cases and catastrophic injuries, and know how to overcome the tactics that insurance companies often employ in an attempt to diminish or deny the value of your claim. We understand that you may be stretched thin financially as a result of your injuries, and in some cases we can even advance you money interest-free to help you get by until your case settles.

We understand that you might not feel up to a fight for your rights soon after an accident, but it is important to make a timely claim, or you could lose your right to a recovery. We will handle everything and remove the stress, so you can focus on healing. Call us to schedule your free case consultation and learn more about how we can help you pick up the pieces of your life and move forward after a serious highway accident.

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