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Houston Bus Accident Lawyer

Some urban dwellers wishing to avoid the stress of driving in city traffic or the expense of keeping a car are turning to public transportation to get around. In Houston, many choose public buses as their preferred means of transportation. Buses also connect Houston with other cities in Texas and across the country on interstate routes. While buses are a convenient and usually safe way to travel, bus accidents can and do cause serious injuries, making it essential to hire a Houston bus accident lawyer if you’ve been injured in a bus accident.

There were 13,261 bus crashes nationwide in 2011, resulting in 5,575 people being injured and 295 killed. Fifteen of every nineteen bus accidents were caused by an error on the part of the driver. Mechanical malfunctions, poor equipment maintenance, inclement weather, and hazardous road conditions were causes of others.

Compensation for Bus Accident Injuries

If you or a family member sustained serious injuries as a bus passenger in Texas, you are generally entitled to file a claim against the owner or driver of the bus for compensation for your damages. Many buses providing public transportation locally belong to a government department.

If another vehicle caused the crash with the bus, its driver might also be held liable.

Get an Experienced Advocate

When making a claim for your injury-related damages, you should work with an experienced Houston personal injury lawyer with a record of successfully handling bus accidents. Bus accidents are different from ordinary car accidents in that they often involve a government owner or contractor, and buses are subject to local, state, and federal regulations that don’t apply to cars. The fault is most often the bus driver’s, but owners and maintenance contractors may also be found liable, in addition to owners of other vehicles involved in the accident and whoever is responsible for road maintenance, if a hazardous road condition contributed to the crash.

When a Bus Accident Happens

You should first get the medical attention you need. If your injuries appear to be significant, ask police or another passenger to call for an ambulance; otherwise, get yourself to an emergency room, urgent care clinic, or your own doctor. If your condition allows, take down names and contact information for any witnesses and snap some photos of the scene. Try to get the name of the bus company and the driver, along with the bus’s route number and plate number and the names, plate numbers, and insurance information of any other vehicles involved. Don’t talk to anyone about the accident. Don’t discuss whether you’re injured or not with anyone. You’ll be seeing a doctor, who will check you over and determine if you are injured. Sometimes you don’t realize that you’re injured at first, but find that pain develops over several hours or days.

As soon as you’ve been examined by a doctor, if your bus accident happened in Houston or the surrounding area, contact the personal injury law firm of Gordon, Elias & Seely, LLP to arrange a time to talk to one of our experienced bus accident lawyers. The soon we begin to investigate, the easier it will be to get accurate information, identify the responsible parties, and gather the evidence needed to prove liability in your case.
We’ll also obtain your medical and employment records and any other information that will demonstrate your financial damages and the various ways that the accident has diminished your quality of life. We’ll bring in a team of traffic safety experts and accident reconstruction specialists, if needed, to prove liability. We will handle all negotiations with the insurance company for you, and if they don’t make a reasonable offer, we’ll try your case before a jury.

Our Commitment to Justice

If you’re concerned about the cost of a lawyer with the years of experience and success you’ll find at Gordon, Elias & Seely, LLP, don’t be; we take injury cases on a contingency fee basis, and you never pay anything at all unless we recover money for you. This system makes justice equally available to everyone.

Contact us to schedule your free bus accident consultation today. Time to fine is limited by Texas law, so don’t risk waiting or you could lose your right to compensation.

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