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Houston Oil Rig Accident Attorney

In our nation’s attempt to achieve energy self-sufficiency, we are allowing an increasing amount of offshore drilling for oil. While oil rigs provide jobs for many Gulf Coast residents, working on these rigs can be extremely hazardous, as evidenced by the high profile BP Deepwater Horizon oil rig accident and the oil spill it spawned.  This makes it essential for anyone close to harm’s way to know a skilled Houston oil rig accident attorney. Yes, oil rigs contribute to our economy by providing employment and increasing American oil production, but they pose a grave risk to the life and health of each worker who accepts a job on one.

Oil Rig Injuries

  • Burn injuries caused by explosions of highly flammable oil and gas
  • Amputations and crush injuries caused by heavy equipment on the rig
  • Brain and spinal cord injuries as a result of falls from heights or from falling objects or equipment hitting someone below
  • Inhalation of toxic fumes, a danger when working around highly volatile toxic substances, resulting in respiratory injuries and various health problems
  • Deaths at sea, because help in an emergency may be far away and may not arrive in time to save a life. Other accidents, explosions, for example, may cause immediate death on the rig.

Protection for Floating Oil Rig Workers under the Jones Act

Workers on floating offshore oil rigs are protected by the Jones Act, which provides injured seamen the right to maintenance and cure as well as the right to sue an employer for damages incurred as a result of an accident on the rig. Maintenance and cure is the monetary value of the room and board you would have received on the rig, plus your medical bills. The accident must have been caused either all or in part by owner negligence. The Jones Act also covers workers being transported to and from the rig.

Negligence on the Rig

There are several common causes of oil rig accident injuries and deaths, which include the following:

  • Failure of the company to have and enforce safety policies and procedures
  • Inadequate training of workers Lack of supervision of workers’ activities
  • Malfunctioning or defective equipment
  • Errors in operating heavy equipment
  • Overworked or overtired workers
  • Failure to evacuate the rig when a dangerous condition or severe weather occurs
  • Allowing drinking alcohol on the job
  • Failure to supervise workers

All too often, safety is compromised in an effort to reduce costs, as the oil company leasing the rig is paying a great deal for the equipment and wants to begin realizing profits.

If you’ve been injured, your employer or the insurance company might tell you that you don’t need a lawyer. They will often request that you sign various documents written in unclear “legalese.” You risk losing your right to a recovery by signing any such documents. Politely refuse until you’ve consulted an attorney. You should never sign a paper or allow a recorded statement except when your lawyer instructs you to do so.

Your Right to Recover

When you have been harmed in an oil rig accident by someone else’s negligence, whether it is your employer, a co-worker, or a third party, you should not delay in exercising your right to pursue just and fair compensation for financial and quality-of-life damages. A Texas oil rig accident attorney can evaluate the circumstances of your case and help you decide on the course of action to take.

Houston, Texas, Oil Rig Injury Attorneys

Oil rig cases require attorneys with extensive experience in maritime and personal injury law. The oil platform injury lawyers at the Houston law firm of Gordon, Elias, & Seely, LLP, have specific and focused  experience, knowledge, and skill in assisting clients in the pursuit of justice in all types of offshore and onshore injury accidents and wrongful deaths. We are aggressive, diligent, and unrelenting in negotiating the best outcomes for our clients and have obtained millions of dollars in a combined 60 years of law practice.

If you are receiving maintenance and cure and it is not enough to cover your basic expenses, let us know. We may be able to advance you interest-free money to keep you going until your case is resolved.

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