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Texas Motorcycle Helmet Laws Everyone Should Know

Some motorcyclists want to feel the wind in their hair and the slightly rebellious feeling that comes from living on the edge, so they leave home without a helmet. Texas laws require most drivers to wear helmets on motorcycles with some exceptions. Regardless of the laws, wearing a helmet is always a good idea. Texas […]

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Common Defenses Used in Negligence Claims

In civil claims, plaintiffs bear the burden of proving negligence. When one party accuses another of negligence, he or she can use several strategies to diminish or disqualify the evidence a plaintiff presents. Those wrongly accused of causing or contributing to an injurious accident must often fight against aggressive personal injury attorneys to protect their […]

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What to Do If You Are Exposed to Benzene

Benzene is one of the most common dangerous substances humans encounter on a regular basis. The colorless and highly evaporative chemical comes from petroleum and poses serious health risks. While some exposure to the chemical is unavoidable in daily life, concentrated or prolonged exposure will lead to adverse health conditions. What is Benzene? This sweet-smelling […]

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Tips for Avoiding Injuries on Treadmills

Treadmills deliver cardio training in a convenient indoor machine. Whether you’re training for a race, walking for health, or building your strength for a multi-day backpacking trip, a treadmill can help you move forward in your exercise plans, but they pose risks. One accident on a treadmill can leave you unable to work out for […]

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Top Causes of Teen Driving Accidents

Teens often drive with the confidence of professional race car drivers. Unfortunately, they do not receive the same training or use the same degree of care as adults when behind the wheel. Teens aged 15-19 were involved in 81,986 crashes in Texas during 2015. If your teen is driving this year, warn him or her […]

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