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Trampoline Safety Guide

Thousands of families may have trampolines in their yards, but that doesn’t mean this piece of play equipment is safe for use. Despite warnings from several organizations regarding the dangers of at-home trampoline use, families continue to use these products every year. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, there were almost 286,000 trampoline […]

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Summer Camp Safety Tips

It’s that time of year again – time to send the kids to their favorite summer camps! Houston is home to several popular youth camps, from art and theater programs to overnight sports programs and outdoor camps. Summer camps present a number of excellent opportunities for children, but they can also be hotspots for injuries. […]

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Who Pays for Sports Injuries?

Enrolling your child in a school sport is a great way to increase his or her physical activity, self-confidence, and teamwork. Unfortunately, it can also result in childhood injuries. While some sports-related injuries are assumed risks of the game, especially in contact sports, others result from negligence by the coach, the school, or another party. […]

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How Much Pain and Suffering is Enough to Sue?

“Pain and suffering” is a form of compensation available in many civil cases. The courts call these damages “intangible” or “non-economic.” This simply means that this type of damage did not cause financial harm, in contrast to damages such as medical costs or missed time at work. Physical pain and emotional suffering are just as […]

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When Pranks Cause Serious Injuries

An “innocent” prank can quickly turn sour when someone sustains a serious injury. It can be easy for someone to take a practical joke a bit too far without recognizing the potential ramifications of the action until it’s too late. One example is the “popcorning” trend from a couple of years ago – a prank […]

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